Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey George!

Saw this note on 101- asking who were the DJ's on 93.1 before STAR took over - 

Z-93 WWZZ "Where Knox Rocks", "It Takes Balls To Rock Hard" and "We Keep It Harder Longer" were some of our slogans.

I was employed by the Benns Brothers (Robert and Michael ~ owners) back in '90-'91...

Our lineup in March of 1991 was:
6-10        Hammer and Harley (Mark Herzog/Patty Jarnigan)
10-3        Burger Man (Dave Jeffries)
3-7          Smasher     (Dave Cockrell)
7-12        J.D. The Partyfoul  (me, J. D. Howard)   

Weekends were Kevin Johnson, Lori Morgan (Becky Peeden) and myself.  

Other DJ's before me and after me were: John Wilkerson, Jim (Lucas) DeFreece, Roger Epperson...

Our chief engineer was self-proclaimed broadcasting Einstein Charlie Biscoe. Charlie rewired an OPTIMOD just because he thought it could sound "better"...and let's not forget "The Hillbillies From Hell" What were they thinking?

Ted Ousley left WIMZ to work 7-12 after I left, changed his name to "Gunner," and the rest is history.