Saturday, February 11, 2012

I never would have dreamed that one day modern technology would allow me to share the thousands of hours of airchecks I made of Knoxville radio...and if you have photographs and memories and airchecks, send them to 101!!!

I've been searching to remember via air checks, the first croaking sounds at WIVK. The "wivick" termonolgy was the precursor to the frog mascot.

I have a WIVK composite from October 1976 featuring all the greats of that era...Jimmy Vineyard, Ed Brantley, Jean Ash, Bobby Denton, Tony Eubanks, Your Dave Young, Claude Tomlinson, Wayne Bell, Bill Carnett, Paul Lyle, Terry Womack and Dan Bell!

The 101 Audio Vault features Claude Tomlinson (and Lester Longmire) on the air. Listen as they talk to traffic sargeant Wayne Bell, Claude says "wivick copter"...

PS~ No other personality on the composite was croaking "wivick"...