Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Blessed Memorial Day!

The 101 InBox says hello to Mike Bridges~

"Was looking at your blog and saw the question about Z93's lineup. I worked there during this period. Mornings was Brother Clay. Sometimes Becky Peaden and myself filled in while he was out or on vacation. Mid-days where handled by Randy Rhodes. Afternoon was JJ Randle. Nights were a rotation of myself and Terry Styles. Over nights was Troy Ameen The Hit Machine. I used the name "Magic Mike" while there. Near the end they went on the bird in the evenings carrying Open House Party 7 nights a week. This was a trial run for John Garibedian and I think we were the only station to carry OHP every night. He weekly show was more laid back and much different from the weekend version. There were a few personnel changes during this time too and I don't remember everyone who worked there. I was the last jock before they changed over to Star. Larry Trotter offered me a job at Star but I turned it down to return to WOKI. Makes me wonder what would've happened if I didn't go back upstairs and took the job with Star but at that time I was a student at UT and very loyal to Bill Hayes and Johnny Pirkle."

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Happy Birthday to Martin Baker!