Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's time for another "101 Reload"~ 

 "I was just reading about my old station WROL or W149 as it was called. You list Loose Bruce as the all night DJ. Actually, it was me! Bruce, aka Bruce Goldberg-I named him Loose Bruce, was part time weekends. Jerry Britt was also. I was there from '73-'76. The line up was Gary Adkins at 6:30 a.m., Bob Hamilton 10-2, Bill Johnson 2-6, Leslie Shelor aka Peggy 6-midnight. Dick Strerchi was the GM. The Hawk, Bill Hawkins and Rick Remine were there when I first started but left about a year after I got there. At one point Tony Yokem and The Freaking Beacon were there but not for long. I recall Clay Gish being there before me, but Clay was gone by the time I started in 12/73. Alan Sneed came along about a year before I left. The great Dave Elrod was also there for a year or so when I was there. So was Mike Beach. We were no longer in Fountain City but on White Ave next to the methadone clinic. The station belonged to a shoe salesman who sold it to a guy named Blow. Dick Gross came in and changed it to disco and ran the rock guys off...Adkins is now a lawyer, Sneed is a radio consultant in Indianapolis. Beach remodels houses in Pennsylvania. Bill Johnson is still around. Don't know about the rest of them. Peace-" (Frank Costa)