Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Happy Birthday to Bill Beason...do you know what Bill's radio name was when he worked in Nashville?

..."Buzz Daily"

From the 101 InBox~

Where were you in '73..."Playing The World Famous Tony Igar doing PM drive and morning sales, at WNPT Tuscaloosa with Vic Rumore as GM and Mornng Drive. This preceded the Tennessee invasion to WKGN in the mid 70's. Vic went to GM at WKGN when Creative bought the station from Moody and brought me over a year later. The rest is history. I got to work with so many Ktown legends at WKGN back then, but who knew?" (Tony Igar)

101 heard from Jack Diamond..."Ha! That was a much younger me. By the way it was Jerry Steele. So, whatever happened to Jim Goodman and Chris Hampton?" (Jack aka Coyote)

From Isaac Young..."I came across your website and saw you had a small bit on a dj in 1966 named Bill Jeffers. My grandfather was a good friend of Bill's and I was wondering if you had any more photographs or audio clips you could pass along, as my grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer's and old memories help him start talking and, obviously, it would be fun for him as well. He recognized that name and photo as an old friend and I thought I would try contacting you. Thank you."