Friday, March 08, 2013

Remember when there was only one? The 101 Audio Vault features this classic jingle~

From the 101 InBox...

"Hi! Just lucked into finding this blog. My email address is I’m just sitting here recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I started working in Knoxville a long time ago at WBIR back when “A Date with Doc” was still on the air. From there I went to W149, WKGN, and Rock 104. I traveled with Alan Sneed to WKDF/WKDA in Nashville and on to 96 Rock in Atlanta. Later I worked for WUSY Chattanooga and finally WGAP Maryville. I returned to college and got a BS degree, and currently work for AT&T. Oh, the stories I could tell, if I could only remember them." (Dave Elrod)