Friday, August 23, 2013

"Another shot from the WIVK appears in the Ed Hooper book "Knoxville's WIVK", yours truly, 1972, and in the same control room as the George Vavalides photo of 1978; but a different control board was in place. Here you can see the albums filed away that once constituted it's being called the 'album room'. I don't remember a foot switch for the mic in here, but there might have been one. Most vivid memory of this setup was Chief Engineer Milton Jones's installation of a tiny toggle switch (today we'd call it a micro switch) to flip when we separated am and fm at 10 am. I was pleased to hear back from Jack Hansen, via Knoxville Radio History 101. I still remember the promo WIVK ran when Jack came back to to WIVK after a stint in (Florida?). I think he was on the 'Big Ape' WAPE, Jax in the late 60s. I remember discovering Jack there one night while surfing the channels on my car AM radio in Maryville, a couple years before getting in the business. Jack---if you're listening, as far as I was concerned yours was the best style of delivery of any of the WIVK guys back then, or now. Clear, relaxed, smooth, and professional." (Bob Catron)

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HBD to Gary Adkins (one of The Brothers)!!!