Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy's a 101 Reload from Steve Nybo aka Steve Harrison~

"In 1976 I was doing mornings at WROA in Gulfport, MS., WRNO New Orleans, heard me and offered me a job. Took it. WNOE-FM New Orleans had this famous New Orleans Disc Jockey Buzz Bennett who asked me to come talk to him over a beer. Went to the quarter and had a beer. Came back to work at WRNO and got fired for talking to the opposition. Yep its true! February of 1977 I went to KSTT in Davenport, Iowa to a work for Dr. Don Michaels who did music and afternoons at WROA in Gulfport while I was there. Did promos for the station. My promos were good and did mornings and KSTT had a #1 12+ in am drive. Went to WKY in Oklahoma City and later worked at U-102 in Knoxville when it opened in 1981. Mornings were Dave Dunaway and Colvin Idol, Tom Van Hart did middays, Bill Burkett did afternoons, Mick St. John did the late afternoon shift and I did 7pm-Midnite and enjoyed some of the best work I ever did. That station did live liners for promos, sort of an album oriented rock approach to Adult Contemporary. By Fall 1982 our numbers were really good. Part of the staff moved to Nashville where we tried to duplicate the success of U-102 at Y-107 and got waxed by WLAC-FM at 106.7. No one ever made the effort to dial down to 107.7. We were toast. Went to KLOL in Houston Texas and came back to Ktown and did mornings at WNOX with Paul Oscar Anderson. Then I got out of radio and took up sales and brought up our two kids who are marvelous young people going to Grad School!" (Steve Harrison)