Monday, August 19, 2013

Today 101 hears from Jack Hansen~

In response to Bob Catron, I’m alive and well and out of the business. I worked at WIVK from ’67 to ’71, and have to say…of all the stations I worked at through the years, WIVK was my favorite. Jim Dick, with help from Claude and Bobby, hired me to work 7-midnight. Had a popular feature I did on a semi-regular basis called the “Love-In” (It WAS the '60s), where I played (mostly positive) love songs of the day. Moved to mid-days later.

Prior to WIVK, I worked for Doc Johnston (He was a great mentor) at WBIR (mid-days). I had come to Knoxville from WTVR in Richmond, where I did morning drive for several years.

Shortly after my WIVK days I worked a couple of large markets, Jacksonville and Tampa (morning drive at WQYK). I’ve also been Operations/Program Director at several stations in Florida, the midwest and west coast, and even managed a small town station in Texas.

Though I’m no longer in the business, I’m still active and self-employed. As a geriatric father, I’m quite proud of my 25 year old daughter, Kristin, who has recently joined a local radio station here in Bloomington, IL as a weekend DJ (101.5 WBNQ), though she works full-time at State Farm Corporate, located here. Think she's already better than her old man.

I’d be interested to hear from Bob or anyone I knew in Knoxville back in the day. I have a Facebook page under my name in Bloomington, Illinois. You can friend or message me there.