Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Hey George...Back in 1981, I was doing my morning show for WKOS-FM from the Hilton in Music City. It was the National Association of Broadcasters Convention and numerous jocks would drop by and chat. One of those was Charlie Fox (Blake Lawrence). (John Boy also stopped by, but that is for another time.) Anyway, Charlie was programming in L.A. at that time and we had a great time talking radio. I'll never forget his interest in our logo on license plates we were giving away. In fact, he asked for a couple of them to take back to California. Our slogan was "96 Kayos", as in, Chaos (A condition or place of great disorder or confusion). He also gave me some advise about forming a network of radio personalities from coast to coast. As he put it, you just never know when one of those will recommend you for a position and before you know it you're sitting in L. A., Denver, Dallas or even Chicago doing your gig and making the big money. Too bad I didn't take his advise as I made a backward move and returned to Knoxville. But the World's Fair was coming to Ktown and I wanted to be there for a once in a lifetime event. I believe the saying was, "The 1982 World's Fair. You've got to be there"."

Bill Beason a.k.a. Buzz Daily