Saturday, November 16, 2013

Here's a 101 Reload~

"Ed Brantley's kindness extended beyond WIVK in 1992 to a relative media newcomer when I stopped by the radio station, then located on Bearden Hill. I had launched a sideline business the year before producing corporate marketing presentations, in order to enhance my income working as sports producer/reporter at WBIR-TV. On this particular day, I landed a potential client interested in showcasing on video the mountain resort she managed. However -before signing a contract - she was adamant that the narrator had to be her favorite WIVK announcer. After checking in with the Frog Station receptionist, I made my way upstairs to Ed's office. I barely had my pitch started inside his glass-enclosed workspace when he agreed to voice the presentation. I quickly jumped to the bottom line and said I'd pay him his going rate, but Ed brushed aside my offer, saying he'd be happy to help me in my new business venture. With this agreement in hand, I closed the sale with the resort manager. She received a terrific marketing piece, complete with her talented, sentimental choice narrating the presentation. I later learned this considerate gesture was typical of Ed's generosity. Thanks again, Ed!" (Gary Loe)