Monday, November 18, 2013

The 101 InBox says hello to Brother Mick~

"I was the last of the original 15Q jocks to be hired. Bob Gross had brought in Rockin' Ron Baptist to PD- I had worked with Baptist in Detroit at 'DRQ and was coming in from San Antonio's KONO. Steve Bridgewater, Baptist, Shotgun, myself and Kid Curry made up the line-up (at that moment). Bob Thomas wrote he couldn't get the "QQQ" out of his mind- I had cut that in when I got there- (that was the kinda stuff done at 'DRQ)...someone asked, "is the song skippin'?"-- duhhhhh! May Gross rest in peace- but what a dewfuss...I'm there like 4 weeks and had just moved into an apartment paid all the deposits, worked til Saturday night at midnight- when I get off the air I see Baptist's light on in his office-- I knew that wasn't a good sign-- He laments that they were overloaded with DJ's-- since I was the one he'd hired-- to show Gross he had the gonads(!) I should be the one he fired...I'm in a jam...I reach out to Sneedo and Gary Adkins. We have breakfast on Monday morning, Alan says he'd make a few calls. Mid afternoon Sneedo tells me to get to WKGN-- I sit down with Beach, Rumore and Dr. Al-- what a trip! Rumore gives me the 3rd degree, like I'm stealing corporate secrets, Beach is telling me he likes my act and Dr. Al's holding up the wall...Finally Rumore makes a call and puts me on the phone with 'Mr. Green' (Kent Burkhart). Kent says they'd been monitoring the station and he was trying to get me an offer from outside the market-- but while he was working on that would I consider doing 7-12 mid on 'KGN? Hey I was out of a job--"sure" was my answer. Off the air at 12mid/Sat nite, playing the hits and doin' the "Body Check" on 'KGN Monday Nite at 7! I'd called Shotgun late that afternoon and told him to kick it over to 'KGN at 7pm.  Worked with Beach, Kerry Lambert, Barry 'the mother' Tucker (Mike Beck) and a group of great people. Stayed until Kent got me a shot at Big WAYS and Stan Kaplan...which is another Chapter...never forgot Sneedo and Gary for that--Beach  and I wound up roommates (for about a week) at Big APE...always love K-Town 15Q's Gonna Make Me Sick, err Rich!" (Mick Rizzo)