Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bits and Bacon Pieces...

Happy 61st birthday to WKCS 91.1 on your FM dial...creating broadcast opportunities for generations!

101 has a "search" box on the right side of our makes it easier to find long lost friends and the stories they were featured in!

101 ran a story on our facebook page...inquiring minds want to know~ the question was "do you have an all time favorite WNOX 990 DJ?"

Here are the super jocks that have been mentioned so far....

Johnny Pirkle, John Fox, Jim Clark, Eddy Roy, George McGovern, Honest John, Eddie Beacon, Sir Bernard, Rex Miller, Wayne Perkey, John Long, Dave Young, Michael Henry Martin, Rob Galbraith, Charlie Champion, Dick Winstead, Paul Oscar Anderson, Randy Miller, Phil Williams, Ron Ashburn, The Aardvark, Allen you have a fav?

RIP~ One of the legends, Larry Lujack, has passed away!

Today the 101 Audio Vault gets a little "loose"...