Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas Cheers from Barry Hodge aka The Trashman...

Hi George,

For me the good part about running into your website was...it finally got me motivated to transfer a stack of cassettes to mp3:)
For yearsssssss I kept putting this off.....
I had cassettes from all but one station I worked at so I started with the first station (WRBR Rock-104 South Bend) and have been listening to tapes all day long. 
I just got to a cassette from Knoxville which included a newscast from POA. So that's the attachment in this email.

I read thru all of the 15Q pages and I don't remember a couple of the guys who wrote something for your site. 
For somebody who never did drugs, I should have a better memory:)
I remember Bob Gross and his curly hair.... I'm pretty sure he was the one who hired me..
I remember Ron Baptist. Without going back to find the story there was one about somebody spraying somebody with the fire extinguisher.
Maybe that was a station initiation as Baptist cranked one up all over me one day...:)
I remember Shotgun asking me how I knew so many LP tracks which we could play. It was because my first radio gig (WRBR Rock-104 South Bend) had a similar format of Top 40 mixed with LP cuts.
Of course I remember Kid Curry and West as they had the slots around me.
I remember being offered either the 10pm to 2am or the all-night show. I took the 2am position so I could have time chasing the girls at night:)
While reading your site, I couldn't remember who the news guy was.. 
It was bugging the hell out of me until I listened to an air-check and heard the voice of GOD coming out of Michael Ambrosini's mouth:)

On one of the air-checks I listened to, we had some kind of 15Q Steve West wet t-shirt promotion at a local night club.
I'm pretty sure I got the better end of that deal because while Steve emceed the event, I was the water boy. Meaning I was in charge of watering down the girls:)

I've got to get to some other things to do now but I do have a couple of more things to share later on...