Monday, September 08, 2014

Thanks for all the cards and letters (emails) regarding our wonderful 2015 YDY 101 WOF selections!!!

Do you remember when radio was all live and all local? It's now been a few years since the rug was pulled from under the legs of Jack Ryan as night time DJ at WIVK. Jack and Hoss handled an 11 hour block of radio brilliance at the frog from 7p-6a but were replaced with syndicated programming. That overall trend continues in our transistor world!

Before Hoss, the overnight WIVK airwaves was handled by the "midnight rider" Terry Womack. Terry joins our YDY 101 WOF, here he is in the 101 Audio Vault...


Page 3...

Hoss (Ron Cantwell) can be heard daily on sister stations WMTN mornings and WCRK afternoons!