Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Your Dave Young 2015 101 Wall of Fame...

101 turns seven years old today (that's 4 jobs in a DJs career, ha) Thanks to everyone for reading, writing, and opining about Knoxville's radio history, it is rich indeed! 

Since we debuted on this date in 2007 under the cloak of Anon E Mouse we have had over 178,000 unique viewers to our blog, thank you! 

Thru the years we have had thousands of contributors reliving and sharing their radio stories, we have dusted off the long lost 101 Audio Vault and have enjoyed the sounds that boomed thru our transistor radios, we have shared photographs and memories of DJs, control rooms, and those great old radio stickers.

101 has also sadly said goodbye to some of the legends... 

Keeping up with the Jones (is that Milton's family?) we added a Facebook page which allows for 101% interaction and contributions, join today! Our 101 blog and our 101 Facebook page are similar, but more so are fraternal twins! 

In recognition of the legends we created our own version of a radio hall of fame...celebrating the life and times of those in front of and behind the microphones~ owners, PDs, disc jockeys, engineers, and more! 

This year we officially named our hall the "Your Dave Young 101 Wall of Fame" in recognition of Dave's incredible contribution to the landscape of our East Tennessee airwaves, thanks YDY!!! 

Introducing the 2015 "YDY 101 WOF"~ 

Bob Kesling
Bob Thomas 
Dave Foulk 
Ed Dodson 
Gary Adkins 
Hallerin Hilton Hill 
Kerry Lambert
Lindsey Nelson 
Sonny Knight 
Terry Womack