Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In Memory~ YDY

You're spelling it wrong...Dave said he got the Your Dave Young from people saying you're Dave Young! They couldn't believe he was like he was in person compared to the radio...I was lucky enough to work as afternoon news anchor with Dave, and before that with Bobby Denton when he was the afternoon deejay...wow, was was I blessed to know both of them, and Claude, and don't forget Big Music Ken Russell as well, WIVK is still great, but back then...'nuff said! (Dan Bell)

Just wanted to reach out and say how sorry I am in losing Dave Young. I had the occasion to be in Knoxville back in November and visit Dave for what I knew would be the final time, Gary Beach and I went over to his house and they all gave he and I about an hour and a half to talk over old times and say our goodbyes. I am sure glad I was able to see him and have that time to remember. (Mike Beach)

Didn't know if radio folks remember that Your Dave worked in my area. He and Steve Armistead did the morning show on WIKQ-FM in Greeneville. They did mornings from 530-9a in '94-'95! I remember each year at the TVA&I Fair in Knoxville when Dave worked at WKGN he would be riding the ferris wheel for charity, etc. Such a giving person and dearly loved by everyone. The world was definitely a BETTER place for him being here. RIP Dave, you have fans everywhere! (Roger Epperson)