Tuesday, September 08, 2015

101 hopes you gave two thumbs up to our latest class to join the YDY 101 Wall of Fame!

Alan Sneed aka Alan Douglas teamed with Gary Adkins to form The Brothers and has gone on to have a nationwide impact as a programmer and consultant!

Arthur Wilkerson fired up WLIL in Lenoir City in the late 40's, think of all the broadcast careers that were launched there!

Bill Miller is an all around great guy and was a major market DJ too! He was Suitcase Simpson on the radio...and yes he programmed disco on WKGN! 

Channing Smith has been on the air at WIVK for more than 30 years, perhaps normal for WIVK, not normal for the radio industry! He's a true news man!

Chuck Ketron! Let's be honest, radio was at it's best when "Hold That Line" was on the air!

Colleen Addair has been with WIVK for more then 25 years and has stayed the course thru all the ownership changes. Not only is she the midday DJ but is Music Director too!

Ernie the Bartender Baker...wow, we all know his story. He anchored overnights and talk at WETE 620 before talk was king, he had a cult following!

Herb Howard! It's great to see the good doctor in this group! If you attended UT and were in the College of Communications, you know Dr Howard, he taught me!

Jeff Jarnigan has been on the air in Ktown since the 70's, he's been part of some great dial positions and these days he mans the PA microphone at the Vols home football games!

Jim Humphries is Ktown's iron man having set the Guinness world record for staying on the air the most hours! He hosted WETE's midday show for years.

John Isley turned Ktown's night hours upside down during his tenure at WRJZ! He's gone on to host a nationally syndicated morning show for decades!

Mickey Dearstone is a WIVK legacy following his Dad Kenny on the air there, these days he programs their sports station WNML and hosts the morning drive show.

Paul Oscar Anderson....Thiiiiiiiiiis is Paul Oscar Anderson, 'nuff said! Great voice and great personality!

Tim Berry is behind the scenes, has been forever. Tim simply makes things happen including being part of the Vols network for decades!

Wayne Perkey is a broadcast legend, in Ktown he was a big part of WNOX in the 60's!

PS~ got story? If you have a great story (fact of fiction) about any of these legends, please send to us at 101...KtownRadio@gmail.com!