Thursday, September 10, 2015

The 101 InBox~

"I grew up in Eastern Kentucky in the '60s and listened to WNOX frequently. The big 10,000 watts put it into my area both day and night. In my early days in radio people like Johnn Pirkle, Wayne Perkey, Rex Miller, and Rob Galbraith were my role models. There were others but those just come to mind off the top of my head, and oh yes, Honest John who spoke rhymes on the air, was almost like an early form of rapping. In the early 80s I had the opportunity to work at WNOX for a few months. The station had gone to country at the time, worked briefly with Dave Young, Jerry Howell was the PD, they were trying to get things going in the auditorium once again. I remember when I would walk in the place to go to work each day I felt a reverence because of the reputation of the station and all the greats that had been there before me. It was the last gasp for AM radio, at least in the music formats, but I wouldn't take anything for the few months I spent there. I retired from a 48 year radio career in 2014. I still have air checks and my Proud Country WNOX belt buckle."

(Carl Hogg aka Bob Berry)