Sunday, February 14, 2016

I nicknamed him "The Rupper", on the air anyway, I'm sure he had heard that his entire life.

Most come and go in local media, but Ed Rupp is an Energizer Bunny! Back in the late '70's I was working 6p-midnight on WIVK on the weekends, even turned down full time a couple of times to get my BS from UT.

I met Ed when he joined us and took over the weekend all night show, we were fast friends, I even visited him a few times at his "job" at the Athletic House in downtown Knoxville.

While I eventually traded in my (radio) platters for (restaurant) platters joining the Grady's Goodtimes concept when it opened, Ed is still beaming his voice across the traffic air waves.

The 101 Audio features Ed, way back, on WIVK...