Sunday, February 07, 2016

You had to be there...

...the 1982 World's Fair!
Where were you? I was a DJ at 62 WRJZ "My Kind of Country"!
Some on air stars at WRJZ were Dr Don West, Jessica James, Eddie Beacon, Bob Ziegler, Martin Baker, Bill Beason, Jim Montgomery, Brad Schultz, Ernie Baker, David Henley, etc.
Jeff Jarnigan was midday DJ at WOKI-FM 100, you know him right?
Beach and Williams were teaming up in am drive at Rock 104 (WIMZ)...Kerry Lambert was PD and Arch Bishop was the overnight DJ.
U-102 featured morning man Dr Dave Dunaway.
WNOX 990 was playing country as Your Dave Young returned to AM 990 as the morning DJ, Scott Majors was PD.
Bob Thomas was hosting the midday show at WIVK-FM, which he did for many more years!
1982...a fun and memorable year in Ktown! You had to be there!