Saturday, May 14, 2016

101 travels to early 1985, where were you?

Grady's Goodtimes was the taste of the town, located at Kingston Pike and Papermill Road!

The Vols basketball team featured Tony White, Michael Brooks, and Rob Jones.

WIMZ on air staff~ Phil Williams 6-10, Keith Lambert 10-2, Scott Paulson 2-7, George Allen 7-12, and Dave Ball 12-6.

George Foster was baseball's highest salary at $2.04 million per season.

Scott Sams was the weatherman at Team 6 WATE...and Alan Williams anchored sports.

Jean Ash was the morning news anchor at WIVK, with The Great Day Show!

Ktown was dumped with 9" of snow...all in one day! And then a few weeks later an even larger snow fall occurred.

Don Farmer and Chris Curle were the big names on CNN.

The USFL was playing football.