Saturday, October 15, 2016

Go Vols...beat 'bama!

The latest Ktown radio ratings are in...

WIVK is still #1 but has dropped to an 11.0 share, WWST keeps upping their game and sits at a 9.6. WIMZ is third with a 8.7, WJXB is next at 8.3, and WKHT rounds out the top five with a 6.0 Share!

I wonder if anyone is reconsidering returning to all live, all local, all the time?

WOKI is in sixth place with a 3.8, WNOX 3.7, WCYQ 3.1, WDKW is spiking and up to a 3.1, WNML-FM is in at a 2.5 and their AM is at .8. WMYL has had their best showing in a while and scores a 2.0 share.

Do you ever contemplate what our media world would have looked like if the 7-7-7 rule had never been could own 7 AM, 7 FM, and 7 TV.