Thursday, October 13, 2016

In 1969, WKGN was still in its old "Cumberland strip" location; an old grocery store. The overnight jock told listeners he had bought a new UT orange jersey and he was going to wear it for each show through football season - without washing it. He apparently considered the lack of hygiene something of a talisman for the team.

By the third game of the season, the morning jock was spraying his way into the control room, a can of Lysol in hand. The greater problem was that there was nowhere for jocks to store personal things, so the increasingly pungent jersey was hung on the jock's clip in the copywriter's room, where each jock picked up his commercials to record each day.

When the copywriter complained that the smell could "gag a maggot," Sonny Knight and I felt the need to rescue her. Using a wire clothes hangar to lift the jersey off of the clip (we couldn't bear to touch it directly), we carried it into the bathroom. We plugged the sink, filled it with hot water and soap and lowered the reeking jersey into it; then used the bathroom plunger to batter the dirt and sweat and stink out of it. The water turned a very dark gray. We subjected the jersey to two more such washings before we could touch it, then wrung out the water and hung it up to drip dry.

The overnight guy came in later and was aghast at what we had done.

Some promotions are better than others.

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Paul Randall (Possum Riley) Dickerson