Monday, January 09, 2017

In early 1980 Mike Beach became the morning DJ at Rock 104 (WBIR aka WIMZ)...also on board were Kim Mayo, Kerry Lambert (PD), and Carson Cooper.

The Ktown ratings at that time showed WIVK-FM on top with a 20.9 share (plus the AM was at 8.5). In 2nd place was WEZK with a 16.4, followed by WNOX 11.9, WRJZ 9.9, WIVK-AM, WOKI 7.7, and WBIR-FM (which had just recently launched) at 6.3.

101 heard from Mike Beach~

WIMZ was born in the old WBIR studios I was the morning man and one day after the shift, I stopped by to get my production load for the day and headed toward the production room. I noticed the light going on then off and had no idea who could be in there at that time of the morning. When the light went off, I opened the door to find the legend Lindsey Nelson sitting at the console. As most of you know, Lindsey was the voice of Notre Dame for many many years. He was at WBIR cutting some promos for that weekends game...on an old reel to reel tape recorder! What a shocker and what a great pleasure it was to meet and spend a half hour with one of Knoxville's TRUE legends. I will never forget that day and the kindness of one of the great play by play men of all time. Lindsey Nelson...