Monday, January 16, 2017

I've remembered that I have a Bob Kaghan story! I never worked for the late "Boy Wonder" first PD of WRJZ. I was hired by Fred Story for overnights after Bob (and John-Boy) left for Charlotte...but I knew him. He was only a couple of years older than I, and died far too soon. And his talent is legendary. It was Fall 1980. I was in my last year of Electrical Engineering school at UTK (6-year plan, as I had to pay my own way). I drove a green 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster with black vinyl roof and 3-on-the-floor. The car is key to the story. I had come in to WRJZ to run board for Vol-Network coverage of GA at UT. Best I recall, pregame came on at 11:30 am for a 1-pm kickoff. I do remember that I relieved Adele at the board when I came on. About 15 minutes into pregame, I heard a sound behind me. We were on the 4th floor at 1515 Magnolia, and the door to the control room was in front of me to the left. Nothing but a wall of carted oldies and 2 windows lay behind me. I heard it again. Something had hit the window! I looked out, and what do I see but Bob Kaghan, alone, standing on the lawn of the Knoxville Computer Center building. I asked him WTH? He had ridden "the Greyhound" from Charlotte, and was tossing rocks up 4 stories to the CR window. He needed a lift to the game. I tossed down my keys and he came up. I asked if he could drive a stick. He could. I told him to take my car to the game (not like I needed it till 7 pm!), just don't get it towed. He laughed and said he wouldn't. About the time postgame ended, he showed back up, muttering "f*ckin' Dawgs eat sh*t" again and again. The Vols had lost pretty mightily that day. He stayed till 7 and bought my dinner at Ramsey's Cafeteria (some good eatin'!), then I drove him to the Greyhound bus terminal for his ride back to Charlotte and his job at WBCY. I never saw Kaghan again. But what a great guy he was. I'm glad I have that story to tell about him. I'd love to hear more Kaghan stories. Better yet, I'd love to read a biography about him. Is there one?

Steve Howard via our 101 Facebook page