Sunday, July 02, 2017

His name is Suitcase!

101 says hello to Suitcase Simpson aka Bill Miller, regarding 15Q and radio names...

(After reading yesterday's post)~ There were others...Amos Pigg, Michael Henry Martin aka Mark Herzog, Mike Beach, and more. Sometimes we would begin a show not knowing who might walk in for the next show. I remember Chuck Boo Baron once saying~ I'll be on the air until noon today. I'm not sure who's next, but they're interviewing a guy right now!

A word about names. I was Suitcase Simpson, Alan Douglas became better known as Alan Sneed, one of the most respected consultants in broadcasting. Dr Boogie later became Pete Michaels and carved out his niche as the best known traffic reporter in Knoxville. The Birdman was Bill Thomas, who died young after becoming one of the best Top 40 personalities in the south. George Patrick Dooley was the real name of Tom Dooley, a man whose incredible talent was exceeded only by his massive ego. Dooley was on the backside of his career after prickly stints at KHJ in LA, WAKY in Louisville, and other legendary stations. Dooley reinvented himself as a minister of God media star before dying a few years ago. China Smith was Greg Barman who did mornings at WFLI in Chattanooga before joining 15Q. I stay in touch with Greg. He worked in Denver radio for many years an has live in The Mile High City for around 40 years.

...Eddie Beacon doubled as "The Q Millionaire". Attired in a fine tuxedo and top hat, The Q Millionaire made his way around town sharing cash and prizes with 15Q listeners. Once he rode the ferris wheel at the TVA&I Fair and threw cash out to the assembled multitude. Another time we schemed to put The Q Millionaire fully attired on the roof of the Neyland Stadium press box, where he was supposed to toss cash so it would pass in front of John Ward while he did play by play and hopefully mention it on the air. We scratched that idea for some long forgotten reason, but it would have been a helluva promotional stunt.