Saturday, July 01, 2017

It's a 101 Reload, 1st posted in 2007...

The rise and quick fall of 15Q!

W-149 was truly a one of a kind radio station. In January 1976 they were entering their 6th year on the air. Here was the line up-

6 Alan Douglas
10 Gary Adkins
12 Steve Clark
3 Dave Elrod
7 Leslie Sheiler
12 Loose Bruce
WE Chris Grabenstein

But everything was about to change! Fast forward to the last weekend of February, it's leap year! A slick sounding jock named Kid Curry debuts that weekend. Then enter Bob "Shotgun" Kelly and Barry Hodge on Monday March 1. The following weekend the new morning man, Steve West, debuts. The station was still calling itself W-149. Next we hear Mick Rizzo on the air, followed by PD Ron Baptist. The stage is set...

"15Q is going to make me rich!" Enter the new call letters (WKVQ) and the catchy new slogan!

6 Steve West
10 Ron Baptist
2 Bob "Shotgun" Kelly
6 Mick Rizzo
10 Kid Curry
2 Barry Hodge

So Ktown had major market jocks with a major market sound, on a 1000 watt AM!...and they had verbiage too- Q-offs, Stay Q'd, Q-tips, 637-Q101, etc.

It was a great idea, but short lived. Here's the 15Q journey-

Within the first month, Mick Rizzo exited for nights at WKGN. Enter Bob Kagan to middays, Baptist to A's, Shotgun into the 6-10p slot.

The news man at 15Q was Steve Amberzine. Weekenders were Alan Douglas, Dave Lake (Elrod), and Bob Thomas.

Everyone seemed to want to jump into the slick sounding 15Q, by May, enter Scott Sams as Jamie Rivers, to do part time.

The first few months at 15Q the jock line up had been fairly stable, but that was about to change. Barry Hodge left in early June, with Dave Elrod taking over the all night show.

By late June, the line up had been reshuffled, with The Brothers being added full time-

6 Steve West
9 Bob Kagan
12 Shotgun Kelly
4 Ron Baptist
7 Kid Curry
11 The Brothers (AD and Gary Adkins)
2 Dave Elrod

Scott Sams stay was short as he jumped to WNOX in July. He was replaced by Fred Brown, whose air name was Fred Lee. Also in July, morning man Steve West left and Charlie Fox entered as AM drive jock.

On August 16, Chuck Baron debuted in the afternoon drive slot, Bob Kagan had exited as WRJZ was near. Plus in August a new voice was on the air "China Smith"...Suitcase?

In September The Brothers had a change as Bill Johnson replaced Alan Douglas. Chuck Baron took over mornings, and Eddie Beacon started doing the morning news and teamed with up with Chuckie Boo.

So as of mid September-
6 Chuck Baron
10 Suitcase Simpson
1 Shotgun Kelly
4 Charlie Fox
7 Ron Baptist
11 The Brothers
2 Dr. Boogie

Fast forward to November. WRJZ had debuted, and 15Q was now 1490 'KVQ. George Patrick Dooley was now the morning DJ, Suitcase, followed by Mike Beach, were middays, and Michael Henry Martin was now afternoon jock. Nights were hosted by The Birdman...the year had seen lots of jocks enter and exit, but the team was extremely talented at this point! In December, Rusty Black and Allen Free joined the Q force.

In early 1977 the format was switched to gospel, The Brothers found a new home at WOKI FM 100, the rest is radio history...