Friday, July 03, 2020

Knock, knock!

WOKI FM 100.3 went on the air in April 1974...where were you? 

mE, I was a sophomore at Bearden High, playing DJ at my homemade radio studio, listening and learning the biz from local Ktown DJs plus John Ward via the Vols and Milo and Ernie hammering out the Braves radiocasts!

As has been noted, when WOKI entered, they were automated aka voice tracked. A few years later I visited the station with my childhood pal Scott Sams. He was afternoon DJ there at that time. We went in to a studio and he produced his show...for the entire week!

This classic 101 Audio Vault is from day 2 of the station's existence, King in the Morning! King had arrived in Ktown  a few years earlier on WNOX 990. As the morning DJ at WNOX his show featured "knock, knock" jokes...