Saturday, July 11, 2020

Ktown radio memories from our 101 Facebook page...

  • Colvin Idol Dr. Al Adams was in St. Louis when I went to St. Louis U from
    Knoxville in ‘64. My first taste on-the-air was KBIL, The Voice of St. Louis U. I was 17.

  • Mike Clark I remember listening to Dr. Al when I was in elementary school. Later, when I was in college and he was PD at WKGN, he let me do some practicum work for college credit. I was there at the same time as Joe Anderson, Mick Rizzo, Kerry Lambert, Scott Sams, and Mike Beach. Hung out with Beach a bit. It was good times.

    • Mike Clark George Mooney owned U-102 when I went to work there in 1981. I was working at WATO when I heard that Mooney had bought 102, so I called him. He put me in touch with Bill Burkett who put me in touch with Colvin Idol, who hired me to do news. I was there for 14 years.

  • Glen Prosser Bobby hired me as a UT student to be a weekend DJ at WIVK. Bobby, Johnny Majors and I also shared a room at Tansi Resort during the annual Majors golf tournament. Needless to say, I heard some interesting viewpoints on various topics of the day, including those involving Jake Butcher and his banking problems. Bobby was generous in praising my work at WIVK and the Vol Network. His memorial service included a video segment featuring Dolly Parton, whom Bobby had dated. I still miss his iconic work as the public address announcer at Neyland Stadium. Bobby and John Ward will long be remembered for their association with UT athletics.