Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hello from Possum Riley...Skip Broussard and "The Church Lady"~

The Church Lady 
Skip Broussard programmed WKGN for a couple of years in the late 1960s, before moving on to WMPS in Memphis. Skip came out of WTIX in New Orleans and was a good PD. He got WKGN’s nose out of the mire where it had sunk after exporting most of its talent to WMAK, when Mooney Broadcasting bought that station in Nashville.

Broussard was a snappy dresser, kept his hair cut neatly and was a very presentable representative for the station. His concessions to the times were bell-bottom pants, boots and a tendency to wear a scarf cinched loosely around his neck.
One afternoon, he came back from downtown and was talking to me in the production studio and he rubbed his knee a couple of times. He finally pulled up his pant leg and there was a bruise across his knee.
Here’s the tale he told. I wasn’t there, but Skip was always a straight-up dude with me:
He was walking down the street that fronted the old Millers Department Store and saw a street preacher with a little flock gathered around him. Rather than try to work his way through them, Skip crossed the street and was walking down the other sidewalk, when the preacher raised his voice and started pointing at him. Skip kept on walking and crossed back at the corner. When he did, a few of those who had been exhorted by the preacher broke away and caught up with him. One of the men told him he needed to give up his evil ways and a little old lady creamed him across the knees with her umbrella.
Salvation came with a sting those days in K’town. It might still.